Who’s the Biggest Troublemaker in Your ESD-Protected Area?

by Julie S. on August 14, 2015

Who's the Biggest Troublemaker in Your ESD-Protected AreaPlastics. They seem so unassuming, but did you know they’re the most likely to wreak havoc on your sensitive components? For ESD purposes, materials are classified by their resistance to the movement of electricity.

Plastics and other synthetic materials are insulators. They trap electric charges on their surfaces, cannot easily transfer charges and aren’t easily grounded.

Metals, carbon and people, on the other hand, are conductors. Their charges are easily transferred with the right equipment. All-Spec carries a wide selection of personal grounding supplies from major brands to keep your workplace ESD-safe.

As for that pesky, plastic insulator? It’s definitely a bum rap! With more than 100 different types of air ionizers, All-Spec stocks what you need to rid your protected areas of the damage caused by these culprits for good.

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