Anti-Static Mats: How to Protect Your Bottom Line from Catastrophe

by Julie S. on December 1, 2015

Anti-Static Mats--How to Protect Your Bottom Line from CatastropheWhen an ESD catastrophe strikes your workplace, the ensuing damage can be—well, catastrophic. But, it can also be latent.  Do you know the difference? And, what can you do to help prevent damage of any kind?

Static is generated when two materials come into contact and are separated, causing electrical particles to be transferred from one object to the other. ESD or an electrostatic discharge takes place when the charged object comes into contact with a conductor, and the static escapes.

What does that mean for your sensitive devices? If they aren’t protected, they could experience either catastrophic damage or latent damage. It’s catastrophic if your components are immediately destroyed and latent if the damage is delayed. Either way can be catastrophic to your bottom line.

So, how do you combat ESD? While you can’t eliminate static generation or discharge, you can neutralize any charges as they occur with a properly grounded anti-static mat that allows the charges to move across its surface slowly.

Anti-static mats come in a variety of styles for the benchtop and the floor—from the laboratory to the cleanroom. Don’t know which kind is best for your environment? All-Spec’s mat selection guides take the guesswork out of the process, so you can escape any and all of ESD’s catastrophes.

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