New Research Suggests a Brighter Future for LEDs

by Julie S. on December 11, 2015

New Research Suggests a Brighter Future for LEDsA new type of LED could lead to cheaper, brighter lights as well as mass produced displays thanks to a team of Florida State University materials researchers. The organic-inorganic LED hybrid is made of a class of materials called organometal halide perovskites. Perovskites have the same type of crystal structure as calcium titanium oxide.

After months of experiments using synthetic chemistry to make the class of material perform better than initial tests suggested, researchers were surprised to discover the material glowed exceptionally bright. It measured at about 10,000 candelas per square meter or about 25 times brighter than a computer screen and displayed remarkable stability.

The findings, published in Advanced Materials, are advantageous for industry as the earth abundant material can be processed in an economic way, which until now has been one of the major obstacles to LED advancement despite their heralded energy-savings.

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