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New SCS Verification Tester--Overcome Your Obstacles in Less than 5 MinutesSometimes the most rewarding paths have the most obstacles. And sometimes resistance in your path means unsafe working conditions. The new Verification Tester 724VK2 from SCS sets the record straight.

The verification kit provides periodic testing of the SCS 724 Continuous Workstation Monitor, which provides instant notification when a wrist strap isn’t working properly or when it’s not being worn properly.

Not sure if your monitor is operating within tolerances? With this tester, you can perform NIST traceable calibrations, so you never have to second guess your monitor’s operating limits.

And, it practically eliminates any downtime; you can test your monitor in less than five minutes on the shop floor of your workstation! All you have to do is select the resistance value on the knob, and turn the switch to test each limit.

Check out its settings:

  • Low: 1.5M
  • Pass: 1.5M
  • Pass: 10M
  • High: 10M
  • Pass: 35M
  • High: 35M

It may not always be the path to least resistance, but the SCS 724VK2 tester will definitely keep you on track.

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10 Things You Can Do with New Puritan Swabs and ApplicatorsDon’t get stuck in a sticky situation! With more than two-dozen, new Puritan swabs, All-Spec makes it easy to clean up. Whether you’re applying adhesives or removing residues, you’re sure to find the best swab for your unique application. These new Puritan swabs and applicators come in cotton, foam and polyester tips, come in various shapes and sizes, and are ideally suited for your healthcare needs, critical environments and industrial settings.

If you’re looking for reliable, convenient and affordable swabs, you’ve come to the right place. Read on for 10 things you can do with your new Puritan swabs:

  1. Absorb liquids
  2. Apply adhesives or solutions
  3. Apply topical dressings
  4. Clean fiber optic connectors
  5. Collect specimens
  6. Remove epoxy residue
  7. Remove fluxes
  8. Remove contaminants or resins
  9. Remove oil and dirt from machine parts
  10. Test DNA

Plus, did you know Puritan runs on 100% renewable energy for all building heat, hot water and manufacturing? Yep, the company’s been green since it started in 1919. That’s just one more reason to clean up with Puritan.

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ESD-Safe Single Channel Digital Soldering StationChannel surfers, tune in to your favorite preset stations with the new Weller ESD-Safe, Single-Channel, Digital Soldering Station. It won’t play music, but you can program three preset buttons to your favorite temperatures. Just pick your temp of choice, press and hold a button, and voilà!

With the WD1003, you can preset a button to your favorite idle temperature if you want—saving tip life and power—before the station automatically activates it. This station’s temperature lockout and automatic power down features keep you in control.

It even offers a large, high-contrast LCD display, so you can quickly and easily scan all of your critical information.

The WD1003 comes with a solder pencil, power supply and an adjustable-tilt stand.

For the convenience you need and the brand you know and trust, choose the Weller WD1003. You might not even miss those other preset buttons.

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Kasuga Benchtop Ionizer with Cleaning BrushDon’t think twice about installing the new Kasuga benchtop ionizer with cleaning brush; it’s got double the discharging electrode needles as conventional units for ionization that’s twice as fast. Its eight, solid tungsten emitters reduce ion recombination and broaden the ionization coverage area, so you can neutralize electrostatic charges on insulators and ungrounded conductors in a wide, 12” x 48” area.

You’ll save time on maintenance, too. With the built-in cleaning brush, all you have to do is turn the knob to dislodge contaminants.

And, the KD-750B is easy to use. Its intuitive front panel displays the unit’s operating status. Visual and audible alarms let you know when cleaning is needed or if the fan is not working properly.

In fact, because this Kasuga ionizer exceeds the required limits of ANSI/ESD S20.20 and ESD TR53, the reasons to try it are actually more than twofold.

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9000 Series ESD-Safe Adjustable Height Navy Blue Vinyl ChairDid you know recent studies show proper seating can add as much as 40 minutes of production to a worker’s day? Workers without proper seating are more likely to experience low-back injuries.

For an ergonomically designed chair that is also ESD-safe, consider our new Bevco chair. The 9350MV-BL, adjustable-height, vinyl chair helps mitigate the risks associated with prolonged sitting.

It boasts a contoured backrest that conforms to the natural curvature of your spine for a safe and productive workstation. A resilient, high-density foam cushion ensures comfort throughout your day.

This chair complies with ANSI/BIFMA and California 117 standards and is ideally suited for industrial work spaces, labs and electronics and aerospace environments as well as pharmaceutical and medical settings.

With an adjustable chrome footring, 360-degree swivel and casters, experience appropriate movement as you perform daily tasks. The bench-height chair from Bevco includes a 12-year warranty and comes with a drag chain for grounding. What will you do with an extra 40 minutes per day?

Looking for more choices in Bevco ergonomic seating? Our selection guide breaks it down by series.

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