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BMP 51 Label Maker KitStandard legends need not apply. Now, when you need to visually communicate workplace safety you can get the job done with custom labels—in a snap. Print your label at 1 inch per second with the Brady BMP 51 Label Maker Kit.

It’s not only fast, it’s also really smart. It’s a portable printer that is Bluetooth enabled, so it can print from your network wirelessly. Use the mobile app with your Android phone to create, save, edit and print your labels on the go. You don’t need to schlep your laptop with you.

The BMP 51 prints high-resolution, continuous and die-cut labels that are up to 1.5 inches wide for use in audio/visual labeling, labs, product identification and more. The kit comes in a hard case with everything you need to get started, including a Quick Start Guide, LabelMark software and a label cartridge.

And, this label maker is rugged; it’s ideally suited for harsh environments and all kinds of temperatures. Did we mention it can withstand a 4-foot drop onto concrete? Choose the best candidate for the job, and tackle your toughest labeling tasks with no fear.

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Trustat Benchtop Ionizer with NIST CalibrationShield sensitive electronics from static damage with a new, exceptional ionizer from Desco that blankets your benchtop in ionized air. The Trustat Benchtop Ionizer with NIST Calibration controls static charge on your nonconductive materials, including circuit board substrates, insulating tapes and plastic objects found in the work area.

At a one-foot distance, this compact contraption neutralizes electrostatic charge rapidly—in less than two seconds. Its pulsed DC system consists of separate positive and negative ion emitters that pulse on and off between the two to reduce ion recombination and increase performance.

A one-speed fan produces the constant—blanketing—coverage that keeps ESD damage at bay. Trusted Trustat 04622 meets the ANSI/ESD S20.20 and ESD TR53 requirements and is calibrated to NIST traceable standards.

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For clean cuts in tight quarters, turn to Excelta’s ESD-safe, tapered-head flush cutter for your electronic assembly work. A new All-Spec product offering, this cutter is ideal for delicate applications requiring minimal shock transmittal and wire tip “pinch.”

The cutting blades of the Excelta 7144E-W are made of carbon tool steel and are induction hardened to 63 – 65 RHC for durability. Advanced CNC machining means perfect joint surfaces to allow for a long life.

And, its soft-cushioned foam handle ensures a comfortable grip every time.

Count on this flush cutter to deliver the cuts that facilitate soldering and increase connection reliability. This medium tapered, maximum flush cutter is manufactured in the U.S. and comes with a wire catcher.

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Garbled data getting you down? Test your fiber optic network with the Greenlee Fiber Optic Visual Fault Finder.

Quickly bring to light leaks, breaks, macrobends, bad connectors and poor splices with this new All-Spec offering. The 180XL visual fault finder is designed to detect high losses and faults in single- and multi-mode fiber optic cables. Choose pulse mode in high ambient light conditions or continuous mode (CW) for steady fault illumination. Any interruption in continuity—within its 7km-extended reach—is indicated with a red, escaping light.

Class 3A-compliant and safe as specified by CDRH FDA standards, the Greenlee Fiber Optic Visual Fault Finder is the clear choice for making a proper connection.

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What’s New from Desco?

by Michelle S. on March 27, 2015

Discover the latest new products from an industry leader in static control solutions – now available directly through All-Spec at better prices every day.

Emit Charged Plate AnalyzerDesigned for fast and reliable ionizer performance, Desco’s Charged Plate Analyzer tests efficiency, measures discharge times and assesses positive/negative air ion output balance.

Trustat Benchtop IonizerWith rapid decay times and a compact footprint, the Trustat eliminates static charge quickly while steady state DC ionization ensures efficient discharge.

Kasuga Benchtop Ionizer w/Cleaning Brush –  Engineered for use within a 12” x 48” space, this benchtop ionizer features a built-in  emitter cleaning brush to remove contaminants.

Kasuga NIH-55 Ionizer Nozzle – With its point-of-use design, the NIH-55 Ionizer Nozzle neutralizes static charge using a focused airstream to easily deliver airflow in difficult-to-reach spaces.

Kasuga Body Potential Meter – Developed to measure the reliability of personal grounding systems, the Body Potential Meter analyzes both peak and current static voltage.

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