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Static sensitive work on the go requires a durable, reliable solution to reduce the potential for sparking and shorting. Although static damage can occur anywhere micro-electronic components are used, ESD sensitive devices are the most susceptible to damage during servicing.

All-Spec’s ESD-safe field service kit provides effective static protection when you need to perform in-field repair or installation of cards. When properly grounded, the mat will remove the electrostatic charge from conductive objects placed on it.

Its vinyl work surface is wear-resistant, so it won’t crack or tear, and features two pockets to stow away cords. For added safety during transport, the All-Spec 304AS comes with a clear, antistatic storage bag. This field service kit also includes an adjustable wrist strap and a 15-foot, dual common-point ground cord.

Protect against ESD damage with the kit that contains everything you need for the work you do in the field.

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SCS lives up to its name with this static control solution for leg and back pain. Its anti-fatigue, foamed vinyl mat is specially designed to provide relief to workers who stand or walk for prolonged periods of time. And, because it’s made by Static Control Solutions, rest assured the SCS 430-421 floor mat is also mitigating ESD damage to your sensitive electronic components.

This mat’s textured surface and beveled edges mean it’s virtually slip- and trip-proof. The durable and thick 3/8”-foam base provides the much needed respite tired feet deserve. Decrease fatigue and increase productivity in packing and shipping rooms, assembly lines and at workbenches.

A popular All-Spec offering, the SCS dissipative mat is proudly made in the United States and includes two snap fasteners and one 15’-ground cord.

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Your critical products depend on purity and cleanliness.  Decontaminate them with Texwipe’s Non-Sterile Semi-Conductor Grade 100% Isopropyl Alcohol.

One of our most popular general purpose cleaners, this IPA solution is filtered into cleaned and double-bagged containers. It comes in two convenient dispensers—trigger spray and bulk container—for your specific cleanroom or other controlled environment applications.

When your environment depends on an ultra-high purity grade IPA, trust Texwipe. If you haven’t tried the TX111, pair it with your favorite wiper for surface cleanings, wipe downs and more.

Each bottle is lot coded with an expiration date for easy record keeping.

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Back in late September we posted a blog that featured five reasons to try Alpha Telecore HF-850 solder wire. Since then, many engineers have made the transition to this model for a few reasons.

Launched in 2012, the HF-850 promised to provide a quick-wetting flux solution that performs at the highest efficiency possible while complying with IEC, JPCA and JEDEC halogen-content standards.

However, creating a fast-wetting solder wire isn’t new to the industry. There are plenty of other solder wires that come close to the wetting efficiency of the HF-850 model.

What separates it from the competition is its low level of spatter and fumes.

Why is a low-spatter feature important?

Technically flux spatter is not overly harmful to your PCBs and components. It can be easily cleaned with flux remover. But a reduced flux spatter saves you time and the nuisance of continuously cleaning your components during a soldering application.

The HF-850 is proven to leave fewer residues on PCBs than the typical solder wire, which helps the overall efficiency of an application.

Fewer Fumes = Safer Working Environment

Today’s industrial standards require fume extractors for most, if not all, soldering applications. Even with an extractor or well-ventilated lab you may be susceptible to harmful fumes from certain solder wire brands.

To achieve a low fume extraction rate, Alpha focused its efforts on formulating the HF-850 with a low halide and acid content.

What soldering applications is the HF-850 ideal for?

Alpha notes that this model of solder wire can be used for any no-clean soldering application–robotic and hand soldering–especially if the manufacturing team is looking for a halogen-free solution.

If you want to learn more about Alpha solder wire, reach out to our specialists at

Ready to order now? Check out the Alpha Telecore HF-850 today!

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Five Reasons to Try Alpha Telecore HF-850 Solder Wire

by Michelle S. on September 29, 2014

When it comes to soldering, sometimes different is better. Designed for best-in-class performance for a range of high-temperature soldering applications, Alpha’s Telecore HF-850 solder wire is available in both leaded and lead-free options. Read on for our top five reasons to love this product, and shop the complete line of Alpha soldering solutions at All-Spec for less.

  1. Engineered to comply with applicable environmental and halogen content specifications, Telecore HF-850 cored solder wire meets the highest possible standards for reliability.
  2. Fast wetting and low spattering, Alpha Telecore HF-850 is halide-free for a cleaner, operator-friendly working environment.
  3. Perfect for paint soldering, drag soldering, pad leveling in rework and automated robotic soldering, HF-850 solder wire is a halogen-free soldering process essential.
  4. With excellent spread performance, this formula delivers high electrical reliability with the lowest amount of skips and bridges.
  5. With its uniquely clear, non-tacky residue, HR-850 facilitates easy inspection with no cleaning requirements.