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Use Freeze Spray to Troubleshoot Heat-Related PCB Issues

by Michelle S. on February 23, 2016

airCanForBlogDoes the thought of troubleshooting a PCB device leave you dreading the arduous process ahead? No need to clear your calendar; cool the situation with compressed air, and diagnose the problem quickly.

When trying to pinpoint heat-related issues, freeze sprays can rapidly lower circuit board temperature, enabling technicians to diagnose and repair the problem without shutting down the system and swapping boards.

However, before you head to your local office supply store for a can of compressed air, it should be noted that not all compressed air was created equal. Specialty sprays, such as those offered by Chemtronics, are specially designed for safe use on both boards and components, even in “live” situations. In addition, these products are designed to prevent static electricity damage on sensitive components.

When circuit boards malfunction (and they will), don’t get overheated trying to fix the problem. Keep cool and trust All-Spec to carry the PCB repair parts and accessories you need to diagnose and repair any problem that arises!


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Hassle-free Printing— and More!

by Michelle S. on February 16, 2016

Using a reliable, high-quality printer shouldn’t require a degree in electronics. With the Brady® BBP® 30 printer, almost anyone can create superior and reliable labels faster than ever for use in manufacturing, medical, distribution and industrial facilities.

Not only is printing easier; replacing ribbon cartridges is just as painless— it’s almost impossible to install them incorrectly! The BBP30 is also compatible with Brady Workstation software and free Brady apps. This entry-level printer is designed to replace Brady’s MiniMark™ printer and is works with Brady B30 series labels.

All-Spec has this printer available for purchase right now. Simply call or visit us online today!blogBBP30

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Compressed Air Dusters--Why Cleaning Your Circuitry Requires a Not-so-Canned ResponseDid you know dust particles can conduct electricity? Left untreated, they can lead to bad circuit connections and a variety of heat-related issues in your electronic devices. Clearing out dust and debris helps to mitigate these risks and enables technicians to work in a clean environment.

Typically, your first line of defense is a compressed air duster. They are inexpensive and range in pressures to combat varying soil levels. For routine maintenance, an economical choice is Chemtronics’ ES1217, a regular-strength duster that is safe on plastics, nonflammable and also ozone safe. If your system is very dirty, a heavier compressed air spray like Chemtronics’ ES1020 Ultrajet® Duster will do nicely as it’s extra-strong and leaves no residue.

Dust can cake over chips and work its way under components and boards as well. In extreme situations, dust “infestations” will leave a layer of fuzz on your circuit board that must be peeled off before you use a high-pressure duster. Since avoiding dust and debris entirely is unavoidable, it’s best to blast dust particles away before they get carried away.

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Scratched, torn or damaged edge contacts? Discover the kit that makes them “good as new.” CircuitMedic’s Gold Contact Plating Kit restores boards to their original level of performance and reliability. New to All-Spec, this kit is designed, tested and built to comply with IPC guidelines.

Strip solder- contaminated contacts down to the bare base metal and replate them to meet the original thickness specification—safely. From abrasive pads and alcohol swabs to peel test tape and plastic cups, CircuitMedic’s 201-6100 kit contains dozens of tools and materials to get the job done.

Includes a DC power supply and 1-ounce containers of Gold, Nickel and Electroclean plating solutions. Pre-wrapped, screw-on plating anodes combat the common problems associated with loosely wrapped cotton anodes. Everything you need in an ESD-safe carrying case.

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If you can rally behind a company-sanctioned nap time, Branson’s ultrasonic cleaner CPX1800H may be a great fit for you. This ultrasonic cleaner leaves many competitors in the dust when it comes to “sleep mode”—an automatic, energy-savings feature that shuts the unit off when control keys are not touched for 15 minutes after the cycle has ended and is easily overridden by the pressing of any key.

Branson ultrasonic cleaners are extremely versatile. They are used in medical and dental labs to remove contaminants, with industrial settings to remove dirt and grease and electronics to remove flux from PC boards, SMDs and more.

The CPX1800HE also boasts digital everything; it’s completely programmable. Temperature, start and stop times are designed for “set-it-and-forget-it” operation, which comes in handy—especially during nap time.

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