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Which Type of Staticide® Is Right for You?

by Michelle S. on October 3, 2014

Eliminate the threat of static charge with a convenient and reliable anti-static coating solution from ACL Staticide. Read on to discover the best option for your environment, then enjoy up to 48% off all your cleaning essentials from ACL Staticide –for a limited time, only at All-Spec.

Staticide Topical Anti-Stats: Available in ready-to-use dilutions, these solutions decay static to a zero charge faster than any comparable formula on the market.

  • 3000 Original Concentrate: Eliminates static problems for industrial, commercial and institutional applications
  • 2001/2003 General Purpose Staticide: Negates static and prevents tribogeneration for all surfaces
  • 2002/2005 Heavy Duty Staticide:  Offers static control and prevents tribogeneration for industrial parts like conveyor systems
  • SW12 Anti-Static Wipes: Provides general purpose benefits in a convenient wipe
  • 5001 Cleanroom Staticide: Sodium and chloride free formula eliminates static in the cleanroom
  • 2006 Static Sentry: Designed for general use, this formula is packaged in an aerosol can for easy application

Staticide ESD Safety Shield: Specially designed for use with plastic surfaces, this family of anti-static coatings offers dependable static protection without loss of resistivity.

  • 6300 ESD Safety Shield: Delivers long-term static protective effects for plastics, film and equipment parts
  • 6400 ESD Safety Shield: Offers static protection with improved adhesion to plastics that normally resist coating
  • 6500 ESD Safety Shield: Designed for common plastic surfaces, this formula is packaged in an aerosol can for easy application


How Can You Get Loctite for Less?

by Michelle S. on May 16, 2014

Known for their extensive range of thread lockers, instant adhesives, lubricants and more, Loctite is one of the electronics industry’s most trusted brands. These high-performance, go-to solutions are engineered to increase reliability and improve performance for a range of manufacturing and production applications.

All-Spec carries a variety of Loctite products, now with a lower price tag than ever before. See what’s in store, and start saving when you shop with us for Loctite manufacturing essentials.


5 Great Reasons to Invest in the Hakko FX951-66

by Michelle S. on May 2, 2014

Bring a new level of performance to your workbench with the Hakko FX951-66. Engineered for superior heat transfer and excellent thermal recovery in a space saving design, the FX951-66 incorporates a series of unique features that set the industry standard. Read on to discover our top five reasons to invest in yours today.

  1. A compact, ESD-safe design ensures seamless integration into static sensitive environments
  2. Lockout key card feature prevents unauthorized or accidental temperature resetting
  3. Sleep mode functionality eliminates tip oxidization and prolongs usable life, with automatic shutoff following a 30 minute lapse
  4. Quick change composite tips each incorporate a heat element and sensor for superior thermal performance
  5. Low temperature alert warns operators when the temperature dips below preset levels, preventing related defects

Suitable for applications ranging from touch-up to heavy duty, there’s never been a better time to invest in this essential system. While supplies last, receive a free FT-700 tip polisher ($145.33 value) with your purchase of three FX951-66 soldering stations. This special offer is valid only for a limited time, so don’t wait – shop for your new Hakko system today with All-Spec.


They’re extremely effective for cleaning metal or plastic machinery and parts – but how much do you really know about using ultrasonic cleaning solutions? Here, we tackle some of your most commonly asked questions about ultrasonic cleaners – and tell you how to best optimize their performance.

1. Why do I need a special solution?
Each solution is formulated for a particular application to break the bonds between parts and their soils. The purpose of ultrasonic activity is simply to assist the solution in performing its job.

2. What solution shouldn’t I use?
Avoid flammables and solutions with low flash points, which can create hazardous conditions.  Acids or bleach products could damage stainless steel are also potentially dangerous.

3. When should I change my solution?
When a solution becomes visibly dirty or decreases in performance, it’s time to replenish. A fresh batch of solution at each cleaning session is generally unnecessary.

4. Do I need to keep my tank’s solution at a certain level? Why?
Your solution should always be maintained at the level indicator in the tank. Failure to do so could alter system frequency, decrease effectiveness and cause damage to your cleaner.

5. What types of solutions are out there?
Common variations include buffing compound removers, electronics cleaners, industrial strength solutions, jewelry cleaners, liquid rust strippers, metal cleaners, optical cleaners, oxide cleaners, and general purpose solutions.

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Branson on a Budget: Save up to 26%!

by Michelle S. on January 10, 2014

Bring on big savings in the New Year with Branson ultrasonic cleaners and solutions! Now through March 31st, save as much as 26% on Branson for up to $867 on each system and up to $28 on each cleaning solution you purchase – exclusively at All-Spec.

Safe enough for your most delicate components, Branson ultrasonic cleaners and solutions deliver powerful removal of contaminants including heavy oils, buffing compounds, light tarnishes, oxides, proteins and more. Tackle your difficult laboratory cleaning tasks with ease – click to view the full sale promotion!