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Chemical Threadlockers--How to Cure Fastener Failure ForeverThe ubiquitous threaded fastener. It’s arguably the most important detachable hardware ever. You rely upon multiple fasteners frequently, if not daily, to hold together your most critical parts. So, making sure you prevent threaded fastener failure is paramount to the success of your business.

Fasteners fail for two reasons: tension relaxation and self-loosening. Tension relaxation is caused by temperature changes, which make your bolts and substrate materials expand and contract. Self-loosening, caused by the lateral sliding between fastener contact surfaces, continues to be a problem even with mechanical locking methods.

Chemical threadlocking adhesives, however, are inexpensive and permanently prevent fastener failure. Loctite® threadlockers come in four grades for a broad array of applications and are color-coded for easy identification: red, blue, green and purple.

Red is the highest strength. It is so powerful it requires heat to be disassembled. The blue threadlocker is medium strength and can be removed with hand tools. It is available as a liquid and a semisolid. Loctite also makes the QuickTape®249™ Threadlocker, which is the only one of its kind in the world. The green threadlocker is recommended for locking preassembled fasteners such as electrical connectors and set screws. Green is categorized medium-to-high strength for wicking and is also available in liquid form. You can remove it with heat or hand tools. Loctite’s purple threadlocker is ideally suited for low-strength metals such as aluminum and brass.

Regardless of your application, chemical threadlocking adhesives for metal-to-metal applications cure to a hard thermoset plastic for the cure of a lifetime.

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LEDs in the Extreme--How to Keep Them Lit Regardless of EnvironmentRain and wind. Extreme heat, moisture and more—LEDs need to work properly regardless of the elements. While adhesives have been perceived as slow and expensive assembly methods, the correct LED adhesive for harsh environments not only expedites the manufacturing process but also perfects it.

Adhesives perform well on glass, metal, ceramic and most plastic substrates. They provide excellent chemical and solvent resistance, serve as insulators and can be used in high-speed production environments. And, when it comes to LED assembly, these benefits are critical. In some cases, choosing the right adhesive for the job at hand also means cost-effective production that would have been impossible with mechanical fasteners.

For every type of LED package, from circuit board mounting to completed luminaires, adhesives and sealants play an important role, including long-term protection from vibration and shock. If you’re operating in an extreme environment, explore modern LED adhesives and sealants, like those from Henkel Loctite®, that perform over a long range of temperatures and provide excellent chemical, humidity and UV resistance.

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With the latest major addition to the All-Spec Loctite® line, we are excited for our clients to try out the Bond-A-Matic adhesive dispensing system, which has a pressure range of 0 to 15 psi, ideal for low-viscosity adhesives under 3,000 cPs. Here are three essential benefits of this system:

#1 Precision = Efficiency and Lower Cost of Ownership

With this model, Loctite focused on a system that dispensed adhesive in the most efficient manner possible. With the adjustable pressure regulator, users have increased control of the amount of solution dispensed, significantly reducing waste.

#2 Adaptable

The Bond-A-Matic has a diverse dispenser that is compatible with a variety of bottles and squeeze tube sizes, including:

  • 250-ml bottles
  • One-pound bottles
  • One-liter bottles
  • Two-kilogram bottles
  • 200-gram squeeze tubes

#3 All-Inclusive Kit

Rather than nickel-and-diming its customers, Loctite took the best route possible and offers everything you need to get your adhesive dispensing started in one, complete order. The Bond-A-Matic comes with the following accessories:

  • Reservoir with ¼” tank fitting
  • Vari-Drop applicator
  • Teflon-lined black feedline (¼” outer diameter; 7” long)
  • Two spring strain reliefs
  • Anti-bubbler tip and sleeve
  • Needle assortment kit
  • Tube of silicone grease

If you need more information about this dispensing system or adhesives in general, reach out to our sales team at Sales@All-Spec.com.

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Momentive is recognized for specialty fluids, chemicals, adhesives and related materials designed for automotive, electronics, medical and other industries.

We recently added the Momentive line specifically for its renowned silicone-base adhesives that are found in a variety of machinery and technology in electronics, aerospace and aviation.

Read on to learn more about the capabilities and uses for two of Momentive’s most popular silicone adhesives.


RTV 100

Developed for primerless adhesion to various substrates, RTV 100 Series silicone is FDA, UL, NSF and USDA-approved. It has an exceptionally high-temperature performance, essential for devices within rocket and jet-fueled aircraft.

RTV-100 Applications

The RTV 100 is ideal for the following applications:


  • Pre-formed Gaskets
  • Galley Sealant
  • In-Flight Entertainment System Sealant
  • Lavatory Sealant
  • Ventilation Duct Sealant
  • Window Assembly Sealant


  • Joint Fill Compound


  • General Aircraft Maintenance Sealant

RTV-100 Benefits

  • High performance adhesives
  • Primerless adhesion to many substrates
  • Meets the requirements of MIL-A-46106


RTV 160, 162 and 167

RTV 160 Series adhesives are UL-recognized and offered in numerous viscosities.

As with the 100 Series, 162 and 167 adhesives are high-grade and extra-strength paste adhesives engineered to comply with military requirements.

All three products are ideal for sensitive metals within electronics.

Their non-corrosive design, primer-less adhesion and neutral cure provide an excellent solution for a diverse set of applications.

RTV-160, 162, 167 Applications

These three silicone adhesives are ideal for the following applications:


  • Electrical Box Sealant


  • Radome Sealing


  • Circuit and Terminal Protection
  • Cockpit Instrument Sealant
  • Electrical Wire Sealant
  • Sealing, Potting and Encapsulating Computer Units
  • Electronics Power Equipment Encapsulant


  • Electronics Potting


  • Battery Sealant
  • Charger Sealant

RTV 160, 162 and 167 Benefits

  • Neutral cure adhesives
  • Primerless adhesion to many substrates
  • Ideal for sensitive metals in electronics

Need a reliable Momentive distributor today?

If you are new to this line and would like additional information, reach out to us at Sales@All-Spec.com. Our staff will get you all the information and best prices you need!

If you’re ready to order, check out our Momentive line.


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Specially designed for use with cyanoacrylate adhesives, Loctite’s volumetric hand pump delivers repeatable precision dispensing without pneumatics, battery or electrical power. With its sealed design for extended bottle life, this innovative hand pump features an easy-pull trigger for enhanced bond strength and precision dispensing with fingertip control. Incorporating six adjustable pre-set shot size settings, Loctite’s volumetric hand pump is in stock now at All-Spec – invest in yours and save today.