All-Spec-Blog-4-12-2016-Smart-House-finalThere’s nothing like a fresh coat of paint to make a house feel new again. All-Spec has gone way beyond surface changes in redesigning the website.  Like a smart house, the All-Spec website anticipates your needs and works to provide everything at your fingertips.
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Although we don’t have built-in surround sound, yet, or a bathtub that automatically fills with water, we do have a code that will open doors – to savings.

Receive free shipping on your orders over $249 through June 30, 2016. Use promo code CELEBRATESHIPPING16 when checking out and while there, check out our new site.

All-Spec Blog 4-12-2016 FeaturesDiscover our fresh new features while still enjoying the ones you’ve come to love.  All-Spec’s turned technology on its ear to make your visit an even more intuitive experience—and help you get your business done, faster and more efficiently.


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Arm Your Business with the Best from Luxo

by Michelle S. on February 12, 2016

For precision operations that require a steady, reliable hand, industrial-strength arms are always willing and able to do the job. Whether your needs are for transporting items, illuminating areas or any of a number of other tasks, Luxo designs and manufactures arms with the unique characteristics and features that make them perfect for product applications and business solutions.

blogLuxo Each Luxo arm is tested for precise engineering and potential problems caused by friction or mechanical failure. All arms are tested by robot through cycle tests that run 25,000 movements. The Maximum arm is put through 30,000 cycles, with each cycle lasting 2 minutes and involving all possible movements of the arm. The procedure takes six weeks, running day and night.

All-Spec is your source for Luxo products and accessories. Call us or visit us online today!

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Many applications require the use of heat in order to complete a job. Plumbers, electricians, auto workers, doctors and more depend on heat to seal, fasten or take apart a variety of objects. When working with heat, it is important to take into account how much heat is required and how much heat each component can withstand before damage occurs.

blogHeatgunFor many professional and industrial applications, heat guns can be interchangeable. Industrial applications are further distinguished by the project. Construction, roofing, and other applications where durable and strong performance is required are considered industrial and require tools to match the harsh conditions surrounding the job. Many of these jobs do not require high precision or a wide range of temperatures and airflow. For professional applications, a heat gun that delivers a more precise and more controllable heat/airflow output is usually needed.


No matter what your heat gun needs are, stay cool with Hisco and have 24/7 access to the most trusted brands available. Call us or visit us online today!


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Engineered for enhanced durability even in the harshest  environments, the BMP21-PLUS label printer from Brady features a tough exterior and a smarter interior, with a high-visibility backlit LED display and built-in touch cell auto-formatting capabilities. Quickly create clear, legible, industrial strength labels for wire wraps, patch panels, cable flags and more with the BMP21-PLUS – learn more below, then find yours in stock today at All-Spec.


Your 1-Minute Selection Guide to 500+ Gloves

by Michelle S. on September 24, 2014

With more than 500 gloves and finger cots to choose from, All-Spec offers the perfect alternative for any application. Need help finding the right option for yours? Simply look to our new glove selection guide – we make it easy to compare products based on material, usage, application and more. Get started now and find the right protection for your unique environment – then look for great prices every day at All-Spec.